? products is my portfolio of professional print and web work, as well as an ongoing documentation of other artistic "products" i have manufactured in oil painting and other media.

although i was never formally trained in art school, i have always been attracted to the visual arts, and feel amazed by the power of things that we see with our eyes to convey meaning as a silent and unspoken language. from the buildings we inhabit, the play of light on every day objects, the clothes that we don, to acknowledged masterpieces by celebrated artists and the exploitation of it all by advertising, visual elements communicate and speak volumes. i am also attracted to the moment of inspiration in envisioning something seemingly new and laden with meaning come together, as so poetically articulated by louis kahn in the book, between silence and light, where the measurable first arises from the immeasurable.

by " ? products" i don't mean to suggest that art has become an extension of the consumerism that we see rampant in society (although i have considered that in a tongue-in-cheek way), but i would like to think that the the process of making or even doing anything to be a product of ones imagination and body. the "?" in "? products" is just there to denote the yet unanswered and open-ended nature of things that could be considered worthwhile endeavors.

i am still in the process of uploading most of my work, but I hope that this site conveys an idea of the projects that i like to do.

after perusing this site, if you have any comments, please let me know! (contact information could be found on the bottom of the left menu) i am currently living in seoul, korea (having come from san francisco), and if you have a project in mind that you would like to collaborate on, or would just like to chat, i would would really enjoy hearing from you!

i know at this moment, it has meager offerings, but i hope that you enjoy my site!